Concise history of Nijmegen

Uit Huis van de Nijmeegse geschiedenis

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A Concise History of Nijmegen is a selection of fifty important stories from Nijmegen’s rich history. Each chapter focuses on an event, person or development that has influenced the history of Nijmegen and has been linked to specific locations or objects. Together these chapters tell the main storyline of local history.
In the Dutch education system history is divided into ten periods. These periods have been used in A Concise History of Nijmegen and are identified by colour:
Hunters and farmers
Ancient Greeks and Romans
Monks and knights
Cities and government
Explorers and reformers
Kings and regents
Wigs and revolutions
Citizens and steam engines
World Wars
Television and computers
1 Ice and water
2 The earliest occupants
3 A local warlord
4 Roman soldiers
5 Roman towns
6 A Merovingian elite
7 Charlemagne (Charles the Great)
8 The Valkhof castle
9 City privileges
10 Walls and gates
11 St. Stevens church
12 Merchants and boatmen
13 The Limburg Brothers
14 More than one Charles
15 Mariken van Nieumeghen (En)
16 Petrus Canisius (En)
17 Nijmegen reduced to ruins
18 The Plague
19 Quarter university
20 Gerard Noodt (En)
21 The Peace of Nijmegen
22 Fortified city
23 Political Conflicts - the Plooierijen
24 Country Estates
25 Round the tree of freedom
26 Demolition of the castle
27 Catholic emergence
28 Healthier living
29 The demise of the fortified city
30 Garrison city
31 Under steam
32 Factories
33 The Leeuw brothers
34 NEC (En)
35 The International Four Days Marches
36 Catholic University
37 ‘Monnikendam on the Waal’
38 The bridge over the river Waal
39 Goffert Park
40 Occupied city
41 Destruction
42 Reconstruction
43 Joris Ivens (En)
44 Industrial city
45 Dukenburg and Lindenholt
46 Colourful city
47 Red Nijmegen
48 Rhine-Waal Euregion
49 Flooding
50 Waalsprong (En)
Verder graven in de historie van stad en omgeving
Nieuws en achtergronden uit de praktijk
Projecten en maatwerk voor het onderwijs
Verteld verleden