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The Regionaal Archief Nijmegen (Regional Archives of Nijmegen) earlier acquired a collection of 684 pictures of Allied soldiers who were involved in the liberation of Nijmegen in World War II or who were stationed at Nijmegen afterwards. The collection was donated in 2000 by ‘Foto Verweij’, a photography shop in Nijmegen. The photos were taken following Operation Market Garden, at the end of 1944 and in the beginning of 1945, when Nijmegen was a frontline city.

From May 2012 onwards, all photos are accessible on the Flickr-page of Regionaal Archief Nijmegen. Everyone can give comments and additional information. On this page you can read more about your contribution and background information of this collection.

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Names unknown

Little is known about the identity of these soldiers. In some cases we have established that they are British or American, but that is all we know. A number of photos depict soldiers and Dutch civilians, probably citizens of Nijmegen. Some soldiers have been photographed several times. In total the collection contains more than 650 soldiers, most of them British.

All pictures are categorised according to names, nationalities, army divisions or other specifications. If you recognise a person, you could help us in our search for more details. With your help we can identify these soldiers.

It will be very difficult to describe every photo in detail. However, each contribution enriches the digital memory of our liberators. A name can mean a lot to somebody who is searching the internet for information on the Allied Forces and on the Second World War. Thanks to you someone may obtain a picture (maybe the last one ever taken) of a family member which was taken in Nijmegen over sixty years ago.

If you recognise or have any information about one of the unknown soldiers, please make a comment on the Flickr-page.

You can only leave a comment if you are logged in to Flickr. Unfortunately, commenting without being logged in is technically impossible. If you are not logged in and try to leave a comment, Flickr will ask you to log in with a Yahoo!-account. Instead, you may also opt to log in with a Facebook-account or a Google-account.

Foto Verweij

Antonius Martinus Verweij (Nijmegen 1911, January 24 - Nijmegen 1988, April 5) is one of the great names of photography in Nijmegen after the war. Verweij, who worked his way up from being a clerk to a bookkeeper, started his own business at a young age. He opened a photography shop at 241 Groenestaat in 1935.

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American and Brittish soldiers

Not many Americans have been photographed. This has to do with the way the war developed in Nijmegen. Although the city was liberated by the Americans, they were replaced by the British and Canadian troups in november 1944. These troups were part of a new front, intended to liberate the part of the country that was still occupied. This could explain the large number of British soldiers amongst the photo collection.

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